Make them build the wall

The wall. You could once see it. Now it’s there not to be seen. And it’s made of fire.


Therefore we would ideally seek a way to let people out of this regimes, without interfering with the existance itself of their establishments. The minimal requirements for letting those people choose their fate are two:

The fear of letting people out

We want to have an effectively better freedom than that we deem to have people living in authocratic regimes. And there is really something that is a hint at your freedom rating: the willingness of people to come and stay in your country.

The one I’ve just made is the key point; migrations are both:

Easy regime solution: build the wall to keep your people in. We said and we’ll say: tear down this wall.

We shall tough note that the willingness of people to come and stay is not just a score of freedom. It is really a combined score of the economic prosperity of a country and the freedoms people may experience there.

This means that authocratic regimes have only one way to keep their brains without building the wall: showing prosperity. And this is happening somewhere in the world, now.

The fear of letting information in

Yet, there is something that lets freedom take over prosperity in the migration balance, in the “migration score”. It is the web of information.

That’s why even prosperous authocracies cannot keep up with the danger of free speech and information. They need to build a firewall. And they are all doing this. We now must say: tear down this wall.


If they are not building any wall, they are not remarkably more authocratic than most other countries. That’s why we need them to build the wall. It’s the “comparative proof” we need.