About me

I am now working at Second Foundation as a Quantitative Research Analyst. We explore the markets and ensure that offers and demands can meet as efficiently as possible.

Recently I got my master's degrees at Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa. By studying at Scuola Normale, I got a generous scholarship, while having to meet the required academic results* each year.

Beside physics, I enjoy solving problems, programming and tinkering with things. A decent selection of my strengths, skills, languages and know-how is included in my CV. As a meta remark, I self-host *.malandrone.net.

I play foosball, futsal, football and FIFA; also Paradox-style videogames, when I have time.

* a GPA of 27/30, with no grade under 24, on all my exams: both those of a regular student at University of Pisa and the extra ones required by the Scuola Normale.